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From the long list of things you need for a baby the one you will be using most is your changing mat. Changing diapers, changing clothes, bathing and drying baby means you will use it around 5.000 times per baby.

That's why we developed a safer, smarter and sustainable changing mat. The unique design has higher edges for more safety and a sloped middle section to keep the milk in and stimulate better eye contact. Moomu is 100% toxic-free so safe for baby’s skin, and of course all those little apricots. 


our benefits

why moomu?

MOOMU brings contemporary materials, design and sustainability to a changing mat designed for safety, durability and functionality. Preventing accidents and falls, fighting reflux and helping others and the environment over the 5.000 times you will be using it per baby. Discover more about it by clicking on the benefits below.



The number one reason why babies end up in the hospital is by rolling off the dresser. Moomu's higher edges help prevent the baby from rolling off.

When baby becomes more mobile and opiniated ;) the higher edges offer more safety too by gently limiting big and sudden movements.

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One unique feature of the moomu mat is the slightly sloped back. This really helps to minimize the chance of reflux for your little one 

Keeping nutrients in and baby’s clothes dry is a win-win for everyone

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The face-to-face setup of the sloped back promotes better eye contact between you and your little one and this is proven to calm and soothe baby, while also forging the connection between parents and baby. This makes changing diapers a whole lot easier. 

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Toxic free

The mat is water resistant and made out of one piece, so can't tear. The stain repellent material is 100% non-toxic. 

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All Moomu covers and inserts are handmade by former refugees in the Netherlands. In this way we support them together to rebuild a living and income.

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The Moomu changing mat has no seams and uses no glue, so no weak spots that can tear or break during the 5.000 times you will be using it per child.


Made by refugees

Our covers and inserts are handmade by former refugees who now live in The Netherlands. They are designed to ensure safety, comfort and of course guarantee the necessary hygiene. The covers are covering the whole moomu mat, like you use to. They have an elastic contour that makes for easy fitting. The inserts are designed to cover only the centre-section of the changing mat. They have an antislip layer to stay in place. You can use a cover or an insert by itself or combine both together. 



You will be using a changing mat more than any other baby product you can think of. More than a baby crib, babynest, carrier, clothes, diaper bags or even the stroller. Make it count and invest in a safer, more comfortable and
non-toxic changing mat.


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