Sloped middle section

One unique feature of the MOOMU mat is the slightly sloped back. This really helps to minimize the chance of reflux for your little one. Reflux is common and usually normal. Most young babies up to one year old spit up since their digestive systems are immature, making it easier for the stomach contents to flow back up. Half of all 0-6 month old babies have reflux at least once per day. And it’s worst when baby lies flat on his back for a diaper change, especially just after having filled up during feeding. As feeding stimulates the digestive system you will find yourself often needing to change a diaper more or less directly after feeding.

The MOOMU mat has been designed to keep baby's head above the level of its stomach to prevent this flow back up. Your little one is more comfortable in an upright position and a more upright position is shown to significantly reduce reflux. Reducing reflux reduces changes of clothes, reduces cleaning, reduces washing, reduces stress for you and baby!  And that’s exactly why the back of the MOOMU mat was designed like this!

It's of the utmost importance that children have a sense of connection with their parents to feel safe and secure. The face-to-face setup of the sloped back promotes better eye contact between you and your little one. When parents’ and babies’ eyes meet something very special happens – an emotional connection is established. And that while you are changing a diaper, many times a day!

"Eye gaze is one of the first milestones baby achieves, and it is an exciting one! The developmental importance of eye gaze is both emotional and intellectual- it has special significance in early attachment and bonding and plays an important part in the process of obtaining information about the world and emotions. When a baby sees their parents' eyes and face, they start making associations: between food and feeder, between voices and persons, between a smile and what it means to be happy or loved, etc. This developmental milestone is significant in helping children develop capacities to be calm and regulated, engage and relate to others, and initiate and respond to different types of communication".

 Dr Dana Erhard-Weis